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RxRevu wanted a change in their environment in terms of monitoring and building a better logging system using Elk. RxRevu is a health care client that also wanted us to make sure that their information regarding their customers is safe using the PHI logs that goes inside the logging tool. We demonstrated by looking at their environment and making sure they have fulfilled the HIPPA requirements needed for their environment. HMSHost a leading candidate in the culinary industry wanted a change in their Splunk infrastructure by how the devops and monitoring can be change to a better fitting of their organization. During these two initiatives, we faced multiple that needed to be addressed.

  • Incoming phi logs that coming inside the elk needs to be removed for security purposes

  • Using their old system logic and incorporating a better monitoring tool

  • Incoming data to be protected without damaging or breaching any customers information.

  • Outdated Splunk environments, Broken Splunk enterprises, & implementing their Splunk infrastructure



RxRevu was looking for a partner to help bolster their AWS environment and build a better organization in terms of their pipeline and infrastructure and monitor their environment to protect their customer data and information. Hmshost was looking to rebuild their Splunk infrastructure and AWS environment and transform their way of monitoring their environment into a better scope. Peace Haven corp has always been keen of helping the clients and partners with the devops, infrastructure, monitoring, etc. We worked with both clients to build and implement their environment on either monitoring tools, devops and helping with their AWS services. Some of the solution that we resolved are listed below

  • Looking at their logging and previous monitoring tools and investigating on how we can remove customer phi information out of the elk tool.

  • created a tag editor that showed all their services and what is currently in their environment to be implemented.

  • Worked on removing bad Splunk TA’s from their environment or fixing and update their entire Splunk environment.

  • Deploying monitoring tools for both clients in an AWS environment.



Peace Haven Corp rapidly create a monitoring environment for the RxRevu by bringing their AWS environment to meeting the HIPPA guidelines. We were able to help the organizations in terms of scalability, flexibility, and AWS best practices in giving them the best suitable situation for their organization.  Finally, we were able to leverage all the services that the client requested for their environment and provide the best and most efficient resources available in terms of architecture, cloud services, devops and implementation.

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