AWS Managed Services

Cloud management by certified AWS experts

With us, you can relieve the burden of managing your AWS environment and let your team focus. 

We will manage your day-to-day running of your AWS account.  We will validate your systems are actively monitored, maintained, and secured.

Our AWS management packages consist of a mixture of our other services lumped together into a monthly offering to suit your requirements. All of our packages include the following,

                                         Key Services

Solution Architect

We’ll provide you with a certified AWS architect whom will guide you through your cloud journey and be your technical point of contact.


Our architect will document your entire solution including the design and basic operations in your system.

AWS Management

Managing your AWS account 


Your systems will be patched at least quarterly to ensure they are updated with the latest security fixes

24X7 Monitoring

We’ll monitor your systems 24×7 ensuring that problems are dealt with in a timely manner

System Backup

We will backup your systems daily to ensure data integrity and protect against loss

Security Management

Your system will be designed secure from the outset. Ensure ongoing security management.


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