AWS DevOps Automation

Increase development cycles, speed/transform product changes and improve customer experience and use best practices for automation.DevOps allows you to unlock the full potential of the cloud.  Taking a automated route will increase speed and innovation while reducing the administration overhead that comes with manual engineering in the organization.

With our AWS DevOps Service we’ll become an extension to your existing team, using a range of tools to automate your AWS hosting infrastructure. From simple one-off scripts to longer engagements our DevOps experts will handle all of your AWS automation requirements. Using this will free your developers to focus on rapid code deployment and continuous delivery.


Below are the key services that's offered

Infrastructure Automation

Ensure your AWS infrastructure is fully automated.  Utilizing any tools for your developers to be able to spin up systems in minutes.

Configuration Management

We use all configuration management tools but we are very strong using ansible, puppet and chef.  Your environment will remain consistent throughout the process.

Deployment Automation

We’ll provide you with an automated method of deploying code to your systems by providing your developers the means to reduce deployment cycles and increase agility

Containers Orchestraction

We proved Container Training, Container Support, Container Hardening with Anchore, Twistlock and Jfrog Xray

Kubernetes Setup and Management

We offer Kubernetes setup and Management in any Cloud Envt or on Prem. Use OPA best practices for portability and scalabiltiyt of the docker containers. 

Have a new cloud project that you are working on?  

Want to improve your current system?  

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